Vowel Sound Oscillator works now .

Here the result . This is a first version with small Bugs . The Bugs are removed now in a second version.
Ok here are some news . We have implement the new Oscillator Vowel modell . Fun. And after an update the Super saw sounds much better now.
Rolf works now on the Mod Matrix , specially on the modulation wheel .
After this we have small bugs in the Sampleeditor - i think nothing great - must be some flags, because in the second call some functions don't works .
Than we must implement the MIDI CC functions . Because of soo many functions - we will implement MIDI CC control for the most important functions - not for all .
If the software in ready , we start the first Batch with 25 PCB's .
I inform you when the preorder starts.


  • Ah that's why I didn't see the ordering option. Do you have already a rough estimation of cost?
  • the electronic something between 350... 450 euro. Case is extra . We plan at first a plex case , but later a metal case .
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