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you can find here - some DIY help - DIY infos , news about our products.
The language is english, please write in english so that all other user understand.


  • Test - Hello Mr, TubeOhm :-)
  • Hey Mr. Tubeohm! Already found you (and not even searching DIY), your website seems to be down. I like to try your 106 again, just got Ableton. Congrats for the new forum!
  • Hi , yes the website isn't 100% ready . I add from time to time new informations .
    Hey , the Forum is also new for me . I must set it more in my focus.
  • Any plans for new VST instruments or updates to existing instruments. Excellent instruments and patch quality.
  • Just like to mention, I bought the 106 emulator recently and I'm really impressed, sounds fantastic and fun to play in Ableton. Plug and play and I'm VST noob... Good work!
  • @Bill:

    VST software yes , but i have simply not the time to do it.
    Actual the hardware is more in my focus, and there is a lot to do .I will make a new Filter for the eurorack and we have to finish the De-Generator .
    But i have also some ideas for new VST't but than in 64 bit .....
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